Signal processing, learning and wireless communications: radio localization and sensing; connected mobility; 5G and beyond communications; mm-wave V2X; cooperative processing and federated learning over networks; Internet of Things/Vehicles; Bayesian inference & learning.

Research groups and lab facilities

  • Co-director (since 2020) of IoTLab, interdepartmental laboratory of Politecnico di Milano, participated by DEIB and DIG, focused on management and technological research on IoT in different verticals (smart mobility, smart factory, smart home/bulding): intelligent things, connectivity & edge computing, data & analytics.
  • Co-funder (in 2016) of WaveLab (Wavefield characterization, measurement and processing), joint laboratory of Politecnico di Milano and Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR) dedicated to the design, development and test of mmWave communication/processing systems.
  • Co-funder (in 1999) of WisyLab (Wireless Systems Laboratory), laboratory of DEIB, Politecnico di Milano, focused on PHY/MAC components and signal processing algorithms for wireless communication systems.

A sketch of my (first) 20 years of research