PhD Students:

  1. Akif Adas, “Connected automated mobility in urban scenarios”, PhD in Mechanics (co-tutored with Prof. Sabbioni), 39th Cycle (starting in Nov. 2023), Politecnico di Milano,  ongoing.
  2. Usevalad Milasheuski, “Distributed Learning Methods for Localization and RF Holography in Dense Wireless Networks,” PhD in Information Technology, 39th Cycle (starting in Nov. 2023), Politecnico di Milano,  ongoing.
  3. Pietro Morri, “Advanced 5G V2X Communications for Sustainable Urban Mobility,” PhD in Information Technology, 38th Cycle (starting in Feb. 2023), Politecnico di Milano,  ongoing.
  4. Lorenzo Italiano, “5G and Beyond Smart Road Infrastructure for Connected Mobility Services,” PhD in Information Technology, 38th Cycle (starting in Nov. 2022), Politecnico di Milano,  ongoing.
  5. Bernardo Camajori Tedeschini, “Machine Learning for cooperative sensing and inference over networks,” PhD in Information Technology, 37th Cycle (starting in Nov. 2021), Politecnico di Milano,  ongoing
  6. Marco Piavanini, “High-precision Positioning in 5G and Beyond Wireless Networks,” PhD in Information Technology, 37th Cycle (starting in Nov. 2021), Politecnico di Milano,  ongoing.
  7. Giovanni Ciaramitaro, “Sensor-aded V2X Communications for 6G Connected Automated Driving,” PhD in Information Technology, 36th Cycle (starting in Nov. 2020), Politecnico di Milano, ongoing.
  8. Luca Barbieri, “Cooperative Processing and Learning Methods for High-Resolution Environmental Perception”, PhD in Information Technology, 35th Cycle (starting in Nov. 2019), Politecnico di Milano, defended on 15/05/2023.
  9. Mattia Brambilla, “Sensor-assisted cooperative localization and communication in multi-agent networks”, PhD in Information Technology, 33rd Cycle, Politecnico di Milano, defended on 25/01/2021.
  10. Gloria Soatti, “Consensus methods for distributed inference in dense cooperative wireless networks”, PhD in Information Technology, 29th Cycle, Politecnico di Milano, defended on 22/2/2017.
  11. Alessandra Pascale, “Traffic monitoring in ITS: Wireless architectures and stochastic methods”, PhD in Information Technology, 25th Cycle, Politecnico di Milano, Scuola Interpolitecnica di Dottorato, defended on 28/2/2013.
  12. Daniele Molteni, “Interference management in multi-user multi-cell systems”, PhD in Information Technology, 23rd Cycle, Politecnico di Milano, defended on 3/2/2011 (co-tutored with Prof. U. Spagnolini).

MSc. Thesis Students:

  1. Ludovico Mazzi, April 2024, co-tutored with Thales.
  2. Ali Deylami, Filtering 5G LOS/NLOS signals by using empirical path loss models and classification, Dec. 2023.
  3. Pavel Popov, Augmented sensing of cooperative V2X systems, Dec. 2023.
  4. Dogukan Narbay, “Multilateration/angulation for Aircraft Tracking during Arrival and Landing Phases”, Oct 2023.
  5. Akif Adas, “Lidar-Aided Cooperative Localization and Sensing for Connected Automated Vehicles”, Oct 2023.
  6. Esat Ince, “5G Positioning: A Feasibility Study with Real Data”, Oct 2023.
  7. Usevalad Milasheuski, “Federated Learning Algorithms in Heterogeneous Environments with Application to Healthcare Networks”, Oct 2023.
  8. Javier Gallo, “Design of a vehicular positioning system in GNSS unavailable Smart roads,” Erasmus student, University of Madrid, July 2023.
  9. Giovanni Megna, “Selection and analysis of C-ITS services for testing on Italian highways,” MSc in Mobility Engineering, May 2023.
  10. Lorenzo Paparone, “An open-source, multiprotocol Internet of Vehicles platform for the analysis of traffic flows in urban scenarios,” MSc in Mobility Engineering, May 2023.
  11. Marco Vellucci, “Hybrid Vehicular Localization Algorithms using 5G Technology and IMU Sensors,” MSc in Telecommunications Engineering, May 2023.
  12. Pietro Morri, “High-precision Mobile Positioning for Automotive SAR Imaging,” December 2022.
  13. Giuseppe De Leo and Alessandro Turati, “Smart road infrastructure with high precision vehicle localisation,” October 2022.
  14. Lorenzo Italiano, “High-Accuracy Positioning with 5G New Radio Technology in Urban Environments,” M.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering, October 2022.
  15. Luca De Angelis, “Analysis of the performance of an ultra-wide band localization system using Bayesian tracking filters,” MSc in Communications Engineering, October 2022.
  16. Davide Possenti, “Smart Tag: Active Markers for localization of connected automated vehicles,” MSc in Mobility Engineering, June 2022.
  17. Ning An, “Optimizing the Deployment of Anchor Nodes in Wireless Sensor Network Localization,” June 2022.
  18. William Colombo, “Energy and cost efficiency of fronthaul/backhaul data transport in 4G-5G networks,” April 2022.
  19. Riccardo Bonetti, “Hybrid GNSS-5G vehicular localization with interactive multiple model filtering in urban environments,” April 2022.
  20. Raffaele Viterbo, “A 5G Internet of Vehicles System for Vulnerable Road Users Protection,” April 2022.
  21. Guido Giudici, “The Influence of Road Construction Materials on a Radar Wave Reflective Marking for Traffic Signalling,” MSc in Mobility Engineering, co-tutored with Aachen University, December 2021.
  22. Federico Campolo, “Collaborative System for Vulverable Road Users Protection,” co-tutored with Akka Technologies, December 2021.
  23. Bernardo Camajori Tedeschini, “Federated learning for medical applications,” co-tutored with CERN, Geneva, October 2021.
  24. Marco Piavanini, “Ultra‑wide Band Localization Systems for Sport Applications,” April 2021.
  25. Elena Bozzi, “Sensor fusion for positioning augmentation in automotive radar systems,” Best Presentation at the 2019 Huawei Italy University Challenge, October 2020.
  26. Giovanni Ciaramitaro, “Sensor-aided V2X beam tracking for connected automated driving,” Best Thesis Award at the 2019 Huawei Italy University Challenge (3rd Prize), July 2020.
  27. Federica Collura, “Cooperative Sensing Methods for Connected Automated Driving”, Tesi di Laurea, July 2020.
  28. Luca Barbieri, “High-accuracy real-time indoor localization based on UWB systems for smart factory applications”, co-tutored with Pirelli Tyre, July 2019.
  29. Daniele Filippo Pardo, “Beamforming alignment and tracking for mm-wave vehicle-to-infrastructure communications”, April 2018.
  30. Mattia Cerutti, “Channel estimation in massive-antenna mm-wave communication systems,” December 2018.
  31. Mattia Brambilla, “Precise vehicle positioning by Bayesian multi-target association in cooperative ITS”, October 2017. Best Thesis Award Il Quadrato della Radio 2019.
  32. Chiara Manno, “Multi-target multi-frequency device-free localization and tracking”, Tesi di Laurea, December 2016.
  33. Silvia Schiaroli, “Multi-target device-free radio localization”, September 2015.
  34. Luca Luceri, “Distributed dead reckoning for cooperative indoor localization”, co-tutored with University of New South Wales, Sydney (Prof. M. Hassan), December 2014.
  35. Rocco Turchiarelli, “Estimation of vehicular traffic flow: Modeling and validation on real highway data”, July 2014.
  36. Marco Visin, “Network coding for dense cooperative wireless cloud networks”, December 2013.
  37. Gloria Soatti, “Distributed estimation of multi-link channel in dense cooperative wireless networks”, October 2013.
  38. Francesca Carminati, “Passive radio localization: Channel modeling and algorithms”, December 2012. Best Thesis Award AICA-CINI-CNIT 2013.
  39. Marco Puccitelli, “UERE analysis for a GNSS multi-constellation GPS/GALILEO receiver”, co-tutored with Thales Alenia Space Italia, Roma, April 2012.
  40. Michele Riva, “Device-free mobile positioning in ad-hoc wireless networks”, April 2012.
  41. Milo Spadacini, “Wireless sensor networks for home automation”, co-tutored with Comelit R&D S.p.A., Bergamo, December 2011.
  42. Mattia Minelli, “Multi-user receivers for GSM/EDGE systems with the orthogonal subchannel feature”, July 2009.
  43. Diana Fontanella, “Cooperative localization based on times of arrival: Fundamental limits and algorithms”, co-tutored with Catholic University of Leuven, UCL (Prof. L. Vandendorpe), July 2009. Best Thesis Award Marconi Junior 2010.
  44. Alessandra Pascale, “Traffic monitoring and modelling for intelligent transportation systems”, Alta Scuola Politecnica Thesis, co-tutored with Politecnico di Torino (Prof. B. Dalla Chiara), July 2009. Best Thesis Awards AICA-Confindustria 2010 and IBM Italia 2009.
  45. Paolo Castiglione, “Cooperative communications over time-variant channels”, co-tutored with Telecommunications Research Center Vienna, FTW (Dr. T. Zemen), July 2008.
  46. Andrea Marchini, “Tecniche ad antenne multiple per sistemi WiMAX mobili”, July 2007.
  47. Daniele Molteni, “Analytical methods for performance assessment of WiMAX systems over fading channels”, July 2007. Best Thesis Award Meucci-Marconi 2008.
  48. Daniel Friman, “Distributed localization in wireless sensor networks”, Erasmus Program, KTH, Stocholm, February 2007.
  49. Pasquale Marco Rizzi, “Caratterizzazione e stima del canale spazio-tempo in sistemi WiMAX”, October 2005.
  50. Aurelio Bonfanti, “Tecniche di elaborazione soft per sistemi WiMAX ad antenne multiple”, October 2005.
  51. Davide Archetti e Massimiliano Sala, “Tecniche ad antenne multiple per la reiezione dell’interferenza in ambiente WiMAX”, October 2005.
  52. Simone Ferrara, “Soft-iterative estimation of structured channels for wireless communication systems”, co-tutored with Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC), University of Oulu (Prof. T. Matsumoto), July 2005.

    Co-tutored M.Sc. Thesis Students:

  53. Elia Mariani, “Reduced rank methods for MMSE equalization of wireless channels”, December 2004.
  54. Carlo Morelli, “Algoritmi di tracking per la radiolocalizzazione in condizioni LOS/NLOS”, July 2004.
  55. Carlo Valdes, “Space-time reduced-rank receivers for spatially and temporally correlated noise”, Erasmus Program, May 2004.
  56. Silvia La Falce e Matteo Maldarizzi, “Analisi delle prestazioni degli algoritmi per il beamforming in sistemi cellulari e canali con fading”, April 2004.
  57. Roberto Bosisio, “Adaptive channel estimation and equalization for wireless systems”, December 2003.
  58. Paolo Bettineschi, “Analisi delle prestazioni in sistemi CDMA con sequenze di espansione a lunghezza variabile”, April 2003.
  59. Barbara Moschini, “Turbo processing nei sistemi wireless”, December 2002.
  60. Angela Bifano, “Algoritmi e architetture efficienti per rivelazione multi-utente in sistemi TD-CDMA”, December 2002.
  61. Osvaldo Simeone, “Multi-slot space-time channel estimation in mobile communications”, October 2001.
  62. Marco Saldi, “Ricevitori JSTE per sistemi cellulari di seconda e terza generazione”, October 2000.
  63. Silvano Tressoldi, Laura Parolini, “Inseguimento di orizzonti in volumi n-D campionati irregolarmente”, July 2000.
  64. Dario Meledandri, “Elaborazione spazio-temporale per UMTS a complessità ridotta”, July 2000.

PhD Theses reviewed as Opponent/External Reviewer:

  1. Chouaib Bencheikh Lehocine, “Robust Low-Cost Multiple Antenna Processing for V2V Communication,” Chalmers University of Technology, 9/11/2022.
  2. Francesco Di Stasio, “Link optimization considerations for 5G and beyond wireless communications”, Politecnico di Torino, 14/12/2021.
  3. Yasuhiro Takano, “Spectrally efficient turbo reception technologies for single-carrier broadband wireless communications,” Japan Advanced Institute Science and Technology (JAIST) and University of Oulu (Double Degree), 12/2/2016.
  4. Paolo Castiglione, “Cooperative and energy-neutral protocols for energy-limited wireless sensor networks”, Technischen Universitat Wien, 29/6/2012.
  5. Charlotte Dumard, “Low-complexity iterative receiver for multi-user OFDM systems in time-varying MIMO channels”, Technischen Universitat Wien, 30/4/2009.
  6. Diego Alberto, “Digital Signal Processing applied to Physical Signals”, Dottorato in Ing. delle Telecomunicazioni, Politecnico di Torino, marzo 2011.
  7. Mauricio Andrés Cáceres Duran, “Cooperative Bayesian Inference Methods for Hybrid GNSS-P2P Positioning,” Dottorato in Ing. delle Telecomunicazioni, Politecnico di Torino, marzo 2011.
  8. Valentina Martina, “Performance Evaluation of Large Scale Communication Networks,” Dottorato in Ing. delle Telecomunicazioni, Politecnico di Torino, marzo 2011.
  9. Noureddine Boujnah, “Advanced Techniques for Space and Satellite Communication”, Politecnico di Torino, marzo 2011.